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Tobell Doshen, Duro smugglerTOBELL DOSHEN

Tobell began smuggling with other Duros when he was just a kid. He started small, smuggling drink between two of the many space stations surrounding Duro. Station Duro 36.l-d was his home until he obtained his first ship and was able to leave. First he only smuggled cargo to and from nearby systems. Eventually, h owever, his abilities earned him contracts with the Empire, and he took on bigger missions to keep busy. Back then he cared little who was paying the bills, as long as he made money and had places to go. Tobell felt the urge to travel to new places, even more so than other Duros. Soon, however, imperial interference in and around Duro space forced Tobell to leave his home and begin working for sub-contractors and underworld figures. After awhile, he faded completely from the Empire's sight. His travels have taken him far and around. His stories only get more vivid as his journeys continue.

Some time ago, Tobell was attacked by pirates, boarded, and nearly killed while hauling valuable cargo. His freighter was damaged beyond repair, and his medical bills left him bankrupt. He was forced to ask a crimelord, Bigga the Huft, for a loan so he could reestablish himself in the smuggling business. Bigga, best known for his extremely popular Huttese music, bought Tobell a stock light freighter and forced him to run personal cargoes for quite some time before giving him independence. Tobell still owes the gangster's organization money, but Bigga himself is now dead. The Hutt fell victim to a "random" fly-by attack by "pirates", which destroyed the ship and its owner.


Age: 29
Race: Duros
Gender: Male

Personality: Being a smuggler and a Duro go hand in hand for Tobell. His calm yet demanding nature makes for a friendly attitude in his quest for credits. He frequently tells vivid stories about his past travels and exploits. Tobell enjoys drinking and hanging out in bath houses. He likeshuman company, but has many misgivings about Rodians.

Appearance: Height 6' 2", Weight 160 lbs. Tobell is somewhat large for a Duros, and makes himself look like a typical smuggler. His limbs are long and slender, giving him considerable quickness. He carries a heavy blaster pistol at his side and sports black combat boots. He wears a blast vest under his tan spacesuit. His face is calm and has the look of space travel on it.

Goals: To travel, to become a better smuggler, to beat his father's record of total distance journeyed.

Connection with other characters: Tobell's journeys took him to Tatooine, "the point furthest from the bright center of the galaxy." There he made aquaintances with the gambler Ski'ragg and his partners in crime. They have an uneasy arrangement, whereupon Tobell gives the others a cut of h is smuggling pay depending on how much help they lend. Also, if he helps out in a bounty hunt or other activity, his cut of the credits will be determined on a case by case basis.


Weapons owned:
BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D, 3-7/25/50, ammo 25)
Equipment owned:
5000 credits
Blast Vest (+1D phys., +1 energy)
Tobell Number One
(Other weapons, supplies, and equipment on board)