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Keith Mallik, Rebel SpecForce InfiltratorKEITH MALLIK

Keith Mallik was born on the planet Alderaan before its horrifying demise. Keith's mother and father raised him part-time, with the help of his grandparents, in a small town outside one of Alderaan's major spaceports. Throughout his childhood he was alway s getting into trouble. He stole from his peers, and local businesses, and started fights with anyone that crossed him. When in his mid-teens, his parents went offworld on a "business trip." The Imperial Navy boarded their shuttle, and his parents were murdered for crimes against the Empire. It was unknown to Keith that his mother and father were in fact Rebel recruitment officers, and the evidence was onboard their shuttle when it was boarded.

After learning about the death of his parents, and the reason they were killed, Keith dropped the "tough guy" routine and lived for the Rebel cause and giving the Empire a little payback. Keith joined the Alliance. Due to his skill, determination, and hatred of the Empire, he quickly became a candidate for the Special Forces. He survived the intense physical and mental training, and found his home in a SpecForce Infiltration unit.

Keith's service to the Rebel Alliance came to an abrupt halt on a mission where he and 19 other infiltrators were expected to take 50 percent casualties (not that High Command told them this). The Infiltrators were to disable the shields and defenses of an Imperial orbital base above Mantooine. After completing their mission goals they were to hold up until relieved, but their relief never came. They were cut off from the rest of the Rebel forces, who were being overwhelmed. Keith took a blaster shot in the upper chest and was taken off of his feet, knocked unconscious when his head slammed into the floor.

Keith awoke to find his entire team dead or dying. He managed to get himself and the only other conscious infiltrator to an escape pod just as the base began breaking up in Mantooine's atmosphere. The impact of the escape pod onto the planet surface was violent, killing the other infiltrator. Keith crawled out of the wreckage and dragged himself to safety.

It took seventeen standard days for a search party to find him. Thank the Force they were Rebels. Keith spent three days recovering in a bacta tank. He wasn't expected to live, but he pulled through. Reports had already been filed claiming Keith and his team had suffered a 100 percent loss. Keith gained access to several of the reports, and saw that his team was expendable. In Keith\rquote s mind, his brush with death and knowledge of the reports gave him the right to a nice long vacation. SpecForce Command agreed, and Keith was put on the inactive list. Since then he has traveled the galaxy with smugglers, bounty hunters, gamblers, and other fringe elements.


Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Personality: To beings that do not know him, Keith is the quiet guy in the back that makes you nervous because he’s not saying anything, just watching you intently. If you’re an Imperial, he’s the guy that’s killing you. Keith hates the Empire. When Keith spots an Imperial while not on duty, he usually has to be talked out of starting a fight. When he meets an Imperial in a combat situation, he usually kills them. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. If you threaten him, you had better be prepared to back-up your words (or usually eat them). He is always professional and maintains his composure both in and out of combat, with the exception of his behavior toward Imperials. To those who know him, Keith is a dedicated friend and someone you want on your side during these trying times.

Appearance: Keith stands at 6’1” and is about 187 pounds. He has dark brown hair with blonde highlights, and blue eyes. He is a rather attractive human with a handsome face and a strong athletic build. Keith can always be found in his combat jumpsuit or military fatigues. He has a large scar running under his left jaw-line and a Rebel Alliance Insignia tattooed on his right shoulder.

Goals: To someday go back to SpecForces.
A Quote: (to an Imperial officer) "I suggest you quit running your mouth 'useless', and find a weapon or a squad of whitehats… 'Cause your gonna need them."

Weapons owned:
Vibro-dagger (STR+2D, max 6D)
Silenced Slugthrower (3D+2, 3-10/30/60, ammo 10, only +1 to opponents search)
Garrote (STR+1D)
Heavy Carbine (5D+1, 3-25/50/200, ammo 100)
Equipment owned:
Combat Jumpsuit (+1D phys., +2 energy, no dex. penalties)